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Monitor Data Corporation, the leader in utility submetering in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, is a privately held company with manufacturing and office facilities located in the suburban Philadelphia town of Glenside, Pennsylvania. Monitor Data Corporation started manufacturing the patented Monitor Data 100 heat metering system in 1985 to encourage apartment residents to conserve heating oil and natural gas. The Monitor Data 2000 Energy Cost Allocation system for apartments, condominiums, office and retail spaces incorporates the latest electronic technology and is capable of monitoring and recording heat and air-conditioning use of individual residents. Energy Cost Allocation (ECA) systems are designed to allocate the cost of space heating and cooling in master-metered multifamily and commercial buildings. Research has shown that residents will conserve utilities when they are directly responsible for the cost of the utilities consumed within their residence.
The Monitor Data 2000 Energy Cost Allocation system is a "PC" based digital electronic temperature measurement and data recording system. The Monitor Data 2000 is ideally suited for gas or oil fired "shared boiler" heating systems, hot water baseboard, convector and fan coil systems, cast iron radiators, liquid source heat pumps, and individual hot air or warm air furnaces. The Monitor Data 2000 is the only ECA system with "real time" monitoring and testing features. Our offices communicate with true two-way communication to the heating and cooling system temperature sensor in each individual apartment. The "real time" remote monitoring and data transfer features allow our Customer Service Staff to check and test heating or cooling operation instantly while speaking with a resident on the phone or while responding to an e-mail.
Monitor Data Corporation also provides a comprehensive resident billing service for all types of submetering. In addition to the many "PC" based ECA systems, tens of thousands of electric, gas and water meters are being read every month by Monitor Data Corporation in the Middle-Atlantic and New England Regions. Our Utility Billing Department converts the many meter readings and data into resident utility bills. The bills are mailed directly to apartment and condominium residents. The building owners and management companies are sent hard copies and Excel file versions of all monthly reports and analyses, and pdf file copies of all resident bills. Our Resident Payment Department provides the optional service of accepting and posting payments from the residents, and makes bank deposits for the building owners and managers. Residents and property managers can view and print resident bills on-line. Residents can pay their utility bills on-line and check their account balance. Rent or condominium fees and multiple other fees can be listed on resident statements. All bills or statements include a payment slip and payment envelope. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) code can also be added to resident payment slips for scanning by Bank lock box services.

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