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Resumes of Key Personnel

Thomas K. McHugh: President

Mr. McHugh is the designer and patent holder of the Monitor Data 100 energy cost allocation system, and has designed the computer models for the Resident Billing Service Division of Monitor Data Corporation. He assisted in the development of the Monitor Data 1000 and 2000 data acquisition computer system by merging his knowledge of large scale heating systems and electromechanical submetering with the microelectronic and installation expertise of the other Monitor Data Corporation officers.

Since receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from The Pennsylvania State University, he has gained forty-five years of experience with mechanical systems and has specialized in energy related system design. Before forming Monitor Data Corporation he was Vice President and Technical Director of Heliotherm, Inc. Major areas of responsibility while with Heliotherm, Inc. included product development, production and commercial/industrial heating system design. Prentice Hall, Inc. published his college text entitled Practical Solar Energy Technology in 1985.

Mr. McHugh was elected President of the National Utility Allocation Association for 1993 and 1994. He was a member of the Awards Committee of the Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia, and founder of the annual Planet Earth Award given by that association. Mr. McHugh also was a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) Guideline Committee #8P, which completed the international guideline titled "Energy Cost Allocation for Multiple-Occupancy Residential Buildings"_ in June 1994.

William T. Vinal: Vice President and Treasurer

Mr. Vinal is the comptroller for Monitor Data Corporation. He has a fifty-five year background in accounting, which includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in accounting and a Masters Degree of Business Administration in Management from Saint Joseph's University. Mr. Vinal is also the President of Sunburst Energy Systems, Inc., which is the Mid-Atlantic regional sales and installation representative for Monitor Data Corporation. Sunburst Energy Systems has gained an excellent reputation in the regional submetering industry, as expert installer of all types of submetering equipment and heating systems of all types.

Craig R. Elston: Secretary and Installation Supervisor

Mr. Elston is the secretary of Monitor Data Corporation and Vice President of Sunburst Energy Systems, Inc. He has been coordinating and supervising the installation of all types of submetering equipment in tens of thousands of apartment units for more than thirty-five years. His accomplishments include the installation of thousands of gas meters and thousands of apartment units monitored with the most advanced electronic submetering systems. The Cherokee project in Philadelphia required 35,000 feet of thermostat cable and more than 4,000 electrical connections.

While serving as a Marine Corps sergeant in Vietnam, Mr. Elston was responsible for maintaining radio and telephone communication between combat units. His experience in establishing and maintaining those vital communication links, often under the most adverse conditions, has benefited Sunburst Energy Systems, Inc. and Monitor Data Corporation greatly.

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